One of the most delightful things the internet has given us is the ability to travel to a zoo in spring time without actually, well, going anywhere. This is especially important when there are four newly hatched baby penguins to coo over. Wotsit, Quaver, Frazzle, and Cheeto were the first Humboldt penguins to hatch this year at Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom—and, happily, the staff shared a video.

The sweet clip shows the newborns hobbling around as the keepers try to weigh them on a scale. Named after the staff’s favorite chips, Wotsit and Quaver were the first to hatch on Easter Sunday, Frazzle came on Monday, and Cheeto arrived this morning. The babies will stay with their parents around eight weeks before they leave the nest.

“With more mouths to feed, more food is required and so we’re providing the parents extra fish so that they can keep the little ones well fed. It’s quite a messy business as the adults churn the fish into a high-protein soup, which they then regurgitate up for their chicks,” keeper Anne Morris, said on the zoo’s website. "It’s vital that chicks take on-board enough nourishment each and every day in these early stages and so, in order to keep a close eye on their development, we weigh them on our tiny set of scales.”

She added, “So far, our new arrivals are doing very, very well and so they won’t stay so small for long. In the next few weeks we expect them to more than triple in size and weight!”

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw