It was a special outing for the puppies and kittens who are waiting for their forever homes.

By Andrea Romano
July 07, 2020

Kittens and puppies make great best friends, even for the wild animals in the zoo.

According to Insider, pairs of kittens and puppies went to see the animals at the San Antonio Zoo back in June, and it looks like all the creatures enjoyed the visit.

The animal shelter, Animal Defense League of Texas, brought two kittens, Dublin and Chomp, and two dogs, Ella and Carla, to the zoo in order to raise awareness for their adoptable animals and help enrich the lives of the zoo animals while visitors are away during the coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Courtesy of San Antonio Zoo

Other zoos around the country, including the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, have been finding new ways to engage their animals during lockdown. At Shedd, the aquarium attendants have been letting penguins roam the other exhibits, while the Georgia Aquarium also partnered with a local shelter to bring two puppies a fun day with the various sea creatures.

“This is such a fun way to showcase both of our organization's missions and highlight the care we provide for animals in need and use the zoo's platform to promote responsible pet ownership and adoption,” Tim Morrow, president and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, said in a statement, according to Insider.

The kittens and dogs came to the zoo in two separate field trips, Insider reported. The San Antonio Zoo shared a video on Facebook of the animals’ experiences, and it’s truly adorable to see big cats fascinated by the little kittens, or wild hyenas take an interest in “man’s best friend.”

Credit: Courtesy of San Antonio Zoo
Credit: Courtesy of San Antonio Zoo

“It really helps to stimulate natural behaviors and keep them happy and healthy,” a San Antonio Zoo animal care manager said in another video posted by the animal shelter featuring the two dogs. The shelter also posted a separate video featuring the two cats.

If you aren’t already in the market for a pet, this adorable video will certainly convince you it’s time to adopt a furry friend.

To check out the adoptable animals, visit the Animal Defense League of Texas website.