Penguins at Detroit Zoo

It was a big day at the Detroit Zoo on Wednesday morning, as a few lucky visitors caught a glimpse of the new penguin exhibit before it opens to the public on April 18. The adorable birds waddled, slipped and slid into the water, fully embracing their new home, as spectators watched on.

Called the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, it is largest penguin facility in the world (33,000 square feet) with over 80 penguins of four different species. The exhibit looks like a large iceberg and is set at an angle to make it feel more natural for the flightless birds.

The 326,000-gallon tank allows the penguins to dive 25 feet down, and for visitors to watch from an underwater gallery as the birds swim above. There are also constantly-changing climates in the habitat to ensure the adorable creatures are comfortable in their new environment.

Prior to the preview, the penguins made their grand entrance on April 7 waddling along a blue carpet as spectators watched on. Some even stopped to pose for pictures before entering the exhibit.

Once open, guests will have access to the Polk center with zoo admission, but due to the exhibit's expected popularity, visitors will be required to have first-come, first-serve timed-entry passes.