Chilean Flamingos at the Chicago Zoo
Credit: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The cold never bothered these flamingos anyway.

As thousands of Chicago residents are hunkering down amid a recent arctic blast that brought a record amount of snow to the city, the flamingos at the Lincoln Park Zoo make going out in the harsh conditions seems like a walk in the park (literally).

A video posted on the zoo's Facebook page show the flamingos taking on the elements.

As the scene looks like something out of a movie, it's worth noting that this specific breed of flamingos is accustomed to being outside in lower temperatures of the Chilean Andes. According to the Pan American Health Organization, average winter temperatures in the Andes are less than 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, being out in the wintertime in the Midwest isn’t incredibly comfortable for anyone, least of all rare birds.

While the flamingos occasionally like to roam in the cold during the day, the Lincoln Park Zoo wrote on Facebook that they always sleep indoors if the temperatures fall below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have the choice to stay inside during the day.

Of course, who can resist a walk in fresh snow?