Whisper, the 20-year-old mother, gave birth to the calf on Sunday.

By Andrea Romano
May 27, 2020

The Georgia Aquarium just welcomed a new arrival, and the photos could not be cuter.

According to Insider, the aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, announced the arrival of its beluga whale calf this week. Its 20-year-old mother, Whisper, endured a long labor on Sunday but is now resting and bonding happily with her calf.

The baby beluga has yet to be named, but we can tell already that it’s going to make a big splash — literally. While the average beluga calf weighs between 119 to 145 pounds and measures between four and a half and five feet long, Whisper’s calf was born at 174 pounds and measured five feet, four inches, according to Insider.

Throughout Whisper’s pregnancy, the Georgia Aquarium took steps to monitor her situation while also discovering a lot of interesting data on beluga whales. “Our hope is to sustain the beluga whale population in North America so future generations can learn about them,” said Eric Gaglione, the vice president of zoological operations at the Georgia Aquarium, to Insider. Data collected during this time could help “make informed conservation decisions about belugas in the wild and their offspring,” Gaglione added.

“We are so proud of Whisper and overjoyed to welcome her calf to our the Georgia Aquarium family,” said Dennis Christen, senior director of zoological operations, mammals and birds at the Georgia Aquarium to Insider. “We will be there right alongside the calf as it continues to grow and learn from Whisper.”

At the moment, the Georgia Aquarium is closed due to lockdown and stay-at-home measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Like many other aquariums and zoos, people can still follow and engage with the animals and employees on social media.

And don’t worry, the animals aren’t lonely without visitors around. In fact, the Georgia Aquarium even had shelter puppies pay the animals a special visit back in March.