Attention New Yorkers: You Can Take a Helicopter to a Zero-G Flight Experience This Week

Blade and ZERO-G have teamed up for the flight of a lifetime.

people walking to Blade Zero Gravity flight
Photo: Blade

Have you been dreaming about leaving this planet lately? Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G) and BLADE are hoping to help you make that dream a reality, even for just a few seconds.

The two companies have come together to offer Manhattan-based travelers the chance to hop in a helicopter before heading out for a weightless flight experience with a new limited partnership.

woman floating with Blade

“We are excited to join forces with one of the country’s leading aviation companies as part of this unprecedented partnership,” Matt Gohd, the CEO of ZERO-G, shared in a statement. “With these types of cutting-edge experiences, flyers are taking home moments they’ll remember for the rest of their life by being one of the first to enjoy commercial spaceflight.”

The experience begins with a helicopter ride from the BLADE Lounge East in Manhattan, which takes flyers directly to Newark Liberty International Airport. There, they will receive a pre-flight meal along with an in-depth flight training session before jumping on the flight of their lives.

Guests will board G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified Boeing 727 that comes with padded walls and ceilings. Then, they’ll fly up to 32,000 feet. While in the air, the skilled pilots will perform a series of parabolic arcs, which cause a brief state of weightlessness in the air. In total, flyers will experience 15 periods of weightlessness on the flight, and it will all be captured on film for them as a souvenir. Once passengers touchdown, they will return to New York City in style using the BLADE helicopter once again.

The helicopter, plane, and weightlessness experience start at $4,750. However, if you want in on the zero-gravity action, you better act fast as only three flights are taking off between Oct. 2 and 4, 2020. ZERO-G also recently announced new COVID-19 safety measures for all flights. Seats are limited, but can now be reserved at

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