Blade and ZERO-G have teamed up for the flight of a lifetime.

By Stacey Leasca
September 27, 2020
people walking to Blade Zero Gravity flight
Credit: Blade

Have you been dreaming about leaving this planet lately? Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G) and BLADE are hoping to help you make that dream a reality, even for just a few seconds.

The two companies have come together to offer Manhattan-based travelers the chance to hop in a helicopter before heading out for a weightless flight experience with a new limited partnership.

woman floating with Blade
Credit: Blade

“We are excited to join forces with one of the country’s leading aviation companies as part of this unprecedented partnership,” Matt Gohd, the CEO of ZERO-G, shared in a statement. “With these types of cutting-edge experiences, flyers are taking home moments they’ll remember for the rest of their life by being one of the first to enjoy commercial spaceflight.”

The experience begins with a helicopter ride from the BLADE Lounge East in Manhattan, which takes flyers directly to Newark Liberty International Airport. There, they will receive a pre-flight meal along with an in-depth flight training session before jumping on the flight of their lives.

Guests will board G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified Boeing 727 that comes with padded walls and ceilings. Then, they’ll fly up to 32,000 feet. While in the air, the skilled pilots will perform a series of parabolic arcs, which cause a brief state of weightlessness in the air. In total, flyers will experience 15 periods of weightlessness on the flight, and it will all be captured on film for them as a souvenir. Once passengers touchdown, they will return to New York City in style using the BLADE helicopter once again.

The helicopter, plane, and weightlessness experience start at $4,750. However, if you want in on the zero-gravity action, you better act fast as only three flights are taking off between Oct. 2 and 4, 2020. ZERO-G also recently announced new COVID-19 safety measures for all flights. Seats are limited, but can now be reserved at