There's a Secret Archaeological Site Under the Trevi Fountain in Rome — and You Can Visit

The site includes an aqueduct that feeds water into the Trevi Fountain.

In a city as old and large as Rome, there's bound to be interesting nooks and crannies that fly under the radar. As it turns out, one of those semi-secret spots has been hiding right under the noses of millions of tourists — beneath the Trevi Fountain, to be exact.

Federica, the local tour guide behind the Instagram account @livevirtualguide, surprised her followers in 2021 with a video showing the little-known Roman attraction that takes visitors to the area underneath the Trevi Fountain.

Interior of Vicus Caprarius
Francesco Rotondo/Courtesy of Vicus Caprarius

Vicus Caprarius, known as the City of Water, is an ancient Roman apartment complex located beneath the city's Trevi district, including its famed fountain. The archaeological site dates back to the first century, but wasn't discovered until the late 1990s.

Today, visitors can head to the underground site for a glimpse at the homes of ancient upper-class Romans. The space also displays examples of the hundreds of artifacts that were found during excavation, including terra-cotta figurines, African pottery, mosaic tiles, and over 800 coins.

Entrance to Vicus Caprarius
Francesco Rotondo/Courtesy of Vicus Caprarius

What makes this hidden gem particularly special, however, is the water that runs through it. At Vicus Caprarius, visitors will find pools that still fill with water, thanks to the Aqua Virgo, one of the 11 aqueducts of ancient Rome. This aqueduct is also the one that feeds into the Trevi Fountain, meaning the water you see in Vicus Caprarius will eventually make its way to the fountain for tourists to throw their coins in.

Tickets for this archaeological site are only four euros (about $4.08 USD). For more information on how to visit, check out the official website. For a glimpse of what you can expect to find, be sure to check out Federica's video here. She also offers live virtual tours around other parts of Rome through her tour guide business, so you can experience Rome like a local from the comfort of your home.

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