Soon you can learn to hang ten at the world's largest wave pool in Queensland, Australia.

By Skye Sherman
August 02, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

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If quarantine has encouraged you to master a new skill or unearth a love for outdoor activities, the possibility of learning to surf at the world’s largest wave pool might not sound as out-of-the-question as it would have pre-COVID.

At Surf Lakes in Queensland, Australia, the unique 360-degree design mimics nature to produce perfect swells — just like planet Earth has always done, but now consistently, on demand, and at five different skill levels.

Credit: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

Surf Lakes’ waves are designed like real swells — minus the threat of sharks and unreliable weather — and the innovative 5 Waves technology delivers varying levels of waves all breaking simultaneously, allowing up to 200 surfers to ride at the same time.

Credit: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

From gentle whitewater for beginners just mastering the proper paddling technique to seven-foot barrels for experienced surfers, at Surf Lakes, “everyone gets a break,” according to the company’s tongue-in-cheek motto. With over 2,000 waves generated per hour, it’s the perfect place to learn to surf or hone your craft.

Credit: Courtesy of Surf Lakes

A central wave device pulses to create a stable surfing environment where surfers can practice in rapid repetition without having to wait for ideal conditions — every grom’s pipe dream finally come true. The concentric waves radiate outward and break on submerged reefs, each crafted to spawn waves that break at varying speeds, shapes, and sizes, just like in the ocean.

“Riding a wave can be one of the most profound experiences a person can have,” Aaron Trevis, founder and CEO, said in a YouTube video. “What we’ve created is a wave park where the entire family can enjoy that experience every day.”

While the prototype R&D facility is up and running, it’s currently only available for testing and live demonstrations by a select few. However, the company’s goal is to build a commercial facility open to the public as soon as possible. Since each Surf Lakes wave park creates nearly 3,000 feet of beachy shoreline, their vision is for every facility to be surrounded by retail and entertainment venues, condos, hotels, and more.