Largest over-water zip line

Attention adventure lovers: It’s time to head to Acapulco.

The coastal Mexican city is home to XTASEA, the largest over-water zip line in the world. The line, which opened in March, extends for more than a mile across Puerto Marquez Bay and reaches speeds of up to 75 mph at an altitude of 328 feet.

“XTASEA promises to be one of Acapulco’s main tourist attractions and we have great hopes that it will be a success for the destination,” Pedro Haces, president of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office, said in a statement. Haces additionally noted that the over-the-top zip line is simply one part of the recently announced billion-dollar investment aimed at enhancing the destination’s tourism offerings.

Beyond the zip line, the plan also includes a massive renovation of the iconic Pierre Mundo Imperial and Princess Mundo Imperial resorts and several new amenities, including the Spa Tlalli and Turtle Dunes Golf Clubhouse. And, to help accommodate all the new guests, the investment will also cover the construction of the Hotel Prince by Mundo Imperial and the Hotel Marqués Boutique, among other properties.

Moreover, the plan includes the construction of the Diamante Retirement Homes, a new Princess Medical Center, a premium shopping center, an eco-amusement park called Aventura Guerrero, a new tennis stadium, security towers, and Princess University. All the individual projects are slated for completion between 2017 and 2022.

Acapulco will also welcome a new $30-million airport terminal, which will increase airport capacity by another 1.3 million passengers. The terminal will be opening in 2018.