If waterslides are missing a certain element of thrill for you, consider adding a motorized wheel.

A German waterslide designer has produced plans for the “SlideWheel,” combining the aqua fun of a waterslide with the constantly-changing center of gravity of a Ferris Wheel.

A maze of tubes wrap around each other and a giant, rotating structure. Riders enter a 459-foot tube on a raft and begin their downward descent. However, before long, the attraction will rotate and riders could find themselves going backwards, upside down or (most likely) completely disoriented.

The ride is only supposed to last about two minutes, but those who have tested it so far said that it feels about twice as long once you’re inside the rotating tubes of water-induced nausea.

Simply adjusting the speed of the wheel can change the fright level of the ride, its creator, Rainer Maelzer, the co-founder and managing director of Wiegand Maelzer, told Attractions Magazine.

“The Slidewheel can be operated as a nice and mild family slide and, in the next minute, when the speed rises by five percent, as a pure adrenaline experience,” Maelzer said. “This is unique and outstanding. One attraction can be operated as three different rides at least.”

A Slidewheel is 79 feet high and weighs more than 130 tons. It’s capable of accommodating up to 12 riders at a time on four-person rafts.

The ride is still in testing, although the first Slidewheel is expected to premiere in China in 2018. Another will follow shortly after in a theme park outside of Munich, Germany.