Visit Australia On This 13-day Virtual Trip Complete With Kangaroo-filled Beaches and Beautiful Vineyards

Kangaroos on the beach at Lucky Bay on the south coast of Western Australia in the Cape Le Grand National Park on February 13, 2016 in Lucky Bay, WA, Australia.

In-person tourism may have come to a halt for now, but that isn’t stopping destinations from inspiring our future wanderlust. Plenty of places have taken to the internet to offer virtual tours including several National Park tours in the U.S., a partial tour of the Great Wall of China, and a handful of museums around the world. But now, Tourism Western Australia is taking it to the next level by offering a 13-day virtual reality tour around some of its most unique places and landscapes.

“Today marks the first day of our FREE virtual tour around Western Australia which starts in Esperance,” the tourism board announced on its Facebook page on April 15. “Today you can soak up the endless blue coastlines, then relax with a coffee and curious kangaroos at Lucky Bay beach.”

It added, each day, at 9 a.m. WST, they will travel from “the south stopping at stunning Western Australian attractions and destinations along the way as we head north - everyone is invited! We encourage you to come along for the ride and learn more about what our amazing state has on offer. It will all still be here when the time is right to travel again, we promise it will be worth the wait!”

Already, the tour has stopped at Albany for a glide across the region’s “granite cliffsides and sheltered bays. Then [took] the plunge into the great Southern Ocean, spotting flat sunfish and killer whales.”

It’s also stopped at the Margaret River Wine Region to see how the varietals are grown before hiking to Cape track and “splashing in the shallows with friendly Hamelin Bay stingrays.”

And, it stopped at the stunning Yallingup region in the South West where the tourism board explored “the depths of Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup, its impressive geological formations and its meaning to the local Aboriginal people.”

Want more? It’s simple. All you have to do is follow Western Australia on Facebook and watch the tours whenever you please. Just be sure to scroll back to make sure you caught up with the most recent stops. This way, you’ll know exactly where you want to visit when this is all over.

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