Learn to Irish Step Dance Online With a Professional From the Emerald Isle

You'll be a pro in no time!

Legs and feet of a female Irish dancer in traditional attire, on stage and in the ready position to begin her steps. A portion of the flag of ireland is the backdrop.
Photo: James Jordan/Getty Images

It's totally understandable to feel a little blue about the state of the world. The spread of the coronavirus has forced us all to change our daily habits and find new ways to fill the day. But, rather than spending day after day in sorrow, why not take control of your life by learning new things? Things like Irish step dancing.

In April, Airbnb launched Online Experiences, a "new way for people to connect, travel virtually, and earn income during the COVID-19 crisis," company explained in a statement. Those experiences include meditation sessions with Buddhist monks, virtual visits with the dogs of Chernobyl, cooking with a Moroccan family, and even spending time with a few goats in the Catskills.

And, for those interested in working up a sweat and learning a few moves, there's now an online experience for learning Irish step dancing.

"In this online experience, I'll welcome you virtually into my home here in Salthill, Ireland," Aneta, the host of this experience, who happens to be a professional dancer, musician, and educator, writes. "We will spend the first few minutes informally chatting, gently warming up our legs. I'll talk you through the history of traditional dance in Ireland. I'll do a quick demonstration of all the different styles of Irish dance and then we can discuss the differences between them."

Then it's time for the dancing with your host.

"We'll learn a Sean-nós dance step and an Irish step dance step," Aneta adds. "We'll try the steps to the music. According to how much time is left, we can learn more complicated steps. After that, I'll explain how to create your own step out of the movements we just learned."

All you need for this online experience is access to the internet and a computer or smartphone that also comes with a functioning camera and microphone. Aneta also asks to "please make sure there's enough light in the space where you'll be dancing, you can also help the lighting situation by wearing bright or light-colored clothes. Dress up for the occasion!"

Want to give it a try? Sign up for the one-hour class, that only costs $12 per person, and get moving today.

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