The London Globe Is Streaming Shakespeare Plays Online — Here's How to Watch

Literature comes to life with these plays you can rent or purchase online.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London, England
Photo: Joe Daniel Price/Getty Images

To stream or not to stream, that is the question.

Of course, if you're asking, the answer is definitely "to stream." The iconic Globe Theatre in London makes it possible for people to enjoy world-class Shakespeare productions from anywhere in the world.

For all the wannabe or faraway showgoers out there, the Globe has pre-recorded tapings of many of its past plays, including "Twelfth Night" with Stephen Fry and Mark Rylance, "The Tempest," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Hamlet," and — of course — "Romeo and Juliet."

Overall, there are about 25 productions available on the theater's online streaming service, Globe Player.

Like a trip to the Globe itself, though, these recordings are not free. You can either subscribe to the service for £59.99 ($72.98 USD), which gets you unlimited viewing, or buy a single production and keep it forever for £9.99 ($12.15). That's about as much as (or lower than) what you might pay to rent or own a new release on iTunes or Amazon Prime, and it's also far less than a live theater ticket.

Not only are these productions incredibly entertaining for any audience member, but they are also valuable educational content for students.

For more information, visit the Globe Player website.

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