By Nina Ruggiero
February 03, 2017

If you're seeking inspiration for your next vacation, don't look to Melissa McCarthy.

The actress takes one epic road trip around the world in her new Super Bowl LI ad for Kia. But in signature Melissa McCarthy fashion, nothing goes quite right.

You'll be in awe of the scenery as she zooms through a forest, ventures on a safari, and takes in the view from a polar ice cap, all while trying to save the environment and fight for the animals she's visiting. But try not to choke on your chips and dip when she gets flipped by a whale, rear-ended by a rhino, and thrown off a cliff by a falling tree.

McCarthy's misadventure is a reminder that world travel can be tricky, even when you set out with the best intentions. But, of course, her eco-hybrid Kia Niro gets her through it all (while using minimal gas, presumably).

When it comes to picking a travel partner, McCarthy is sadly officially at the bottom of our list, but for the hilarious distraction from football, we are eternally grateful.