Super Bowl

The National Football League’s annual championship game and America’s biggest television event of the year, the Super Bowl is about going big. Around the country, fans set up to watch the year’s most expensive commercials, the most meatball-laden buffets, the most elaborate live musical performances, and, of course, the spectacle of football itself. There’s no getting around it: getting tickets to the Super Bowl is hard. Travel + Leisure can help you plan for (or around) the biggest game of the year.Have a Game Plan for Game DayAs when traveling to any major or large-scale event, book your flight as early as possible. (Flight prices to any given Super Bowl’s host city can increase more than 230 percent in the week before the game.) In fact, your wisest bet is to make a hotel reservation and possibly also purchase plane tickets before the conference champions are decided. If you only plan to travel if your favorite team makes it to the Super Bowl, be sure to look for reservations and tickets that are refundable. Another tip: booking a room a healthy distance away from the stadium can save you as much as $200 per night.Tickets on the secondary market can start at a whopping $3,200. If you don’t manage to get tickets from an authorized seller, consider tailgating. Otherwise, plenty of Super Bowl-related events and activities take place around the stadium and host city, so you don’t have to make it inside the arena to have a good time.Organizing the Best Super Bowl PartyJust because you aren’t planning to travel to the next Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at home. Follow T+L’s annual Super Bowl coverage to find the best bars and food near you on Game Day.