Adrian Solano may be the worst skier. But that's okay.

By Erika Owen
February 24, 2017

Cross-country skiing is not easy. You would probably assume, however, that someone competing in the Nordic World Ski Championships would know how to, you know, ski.

But not Adrian Solano.

Solano is a former cyclist, but that doesn't mean it was an easy transition to gliding through the snow. In fact, he didn't even train for the race—but not because he didn't want to.

According to the BBC, the Venezuelan attempted to travel to Sweden to spend a month training on snow before the official competition. Solano told The Peninsula that he was deported from France after attempting to hop on a train to Sweden.

“They did not believe that I ski in Venezuela,” he said. “I told them that we train on wheels. I only had 28 Euros with me and the police accused me of trying to immigrate because things were going badly in my country.”

Solano said all of his travel documents were valid and up-to-date, and he was also carrying his invitation to travel to the competition by way of Sweden. He also had confirmation that his travel expenses were all taken care of.

So, you see, it wasn't Solano's fault at all. Since he lives in an area where practicing in real snow is near impossible and he was planning to get a whole month of snow time in before the race, it would've been great to see what he could've done.

Knowing what we do now, the video footage fo his incomplete run-in with the obstacle course is heartwarming. If only we could all be a little more like Solano.