This massive stadium will hold up to 100,000 people.

A sports stadium has never looked this big — or this beautiful.

According to Hypebeast, a new football (soccer, in the U.S.) stadium is being planned to be built in Guangzhou, China, just in time for the 2023 Asian Cup.

The $1.7 billion project was proposed by the Evergrande real estate group, Hypebeast reported. Evergrande is also the namesake of the Chinese football team, the Guanzhou Evergrande, according to ESPN, and has won eight Chinese Super League titles and two Asian Champions Leagues. The season was supposed to begin in February, but it was put on pause by FIFA due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Forbes. Currently, there is no set date for when the season will start again.

Submitted by Shanghai-based American designer Hasan A. Syed at architectural firm Gensler, the new arena is set to become the world’s largest football stadium, according to Hypebeast.

Overall, the stadium is planned to have 100,000 seats, 16 VVIP private suits, and 152 VIP suites, beating out the current largest stadium in the world, Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, which has 99,354 seats, ESPN reported.

In addition to its impressive size, the stadium will also be designed like a colorful lotus flower, in honor of Guangzhou, which is nicknamed the “Flower City,” Hypebeast reported. “Evergrande Stadium will become a new world-class landmark comparable to the Sydney Opera House and Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and an important symbol of Chinese football to the world," Xia Haijun, president of real estate conglomerate Evergrande, said in a statement to ESPN.

According to ESPN, the real estate company also plans to build two more arenas, with seating capacities around 80,000, elsewhere in China.

The new stadium broke ground last month, and will hopefully be finished by 2022, just in time for the Asian Cup the following year.