You don’t need to spend big money to ride big waves.
Wavestorm surfboard
Credit: Courtesy of Wavestorm

While many experienced and diehard surfers will encourage you to invest in an expensive yet well-made board, there are a number of pro riders who swear by a cheaper way to hit the waves.

The Wavestorm (a light, foam surfboard you can buy at Costco for about $150) has something of a cult following amongst surfers out there — but they don’t really want to name themselves in their community. Wavestorms are for the outcasts of surfing. They’re for the “kooks,” reported The New York Times.

According to The New York Times, Shawn Dollar, a big wave surfer from Santa Cruz, uses his Wavestorm as sort of a gag. Dollar recently won the Wavestorm World Championship, a Wavestorm-only surfing competition in which surfers commit plenty of surfing sins like steal waves, make contact with other surfers, and “create a general mess in the water.”

“No matter who you are, when you ride a Wavestorm, you’re a kook. I don’t know, I kind of like being a kook,” Dollar said.

Despite being a light and agile board, surfers note that it can have some drawbacks. Some have complained that it soaks up seawater after a while and its leash is tangle-prone.

But still, pro-surfers like Jamie O’Brien have even been seen on the “kooky” board.

As a rule, riding a Wavestorm typically earns you a “newbie” badge in the surfing world. This, however, doesn’t stop a swarm of surfers who claim to be Team Wavestorm, especially on Instagram.

Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, sometimes it’s good to just hit the waves without dragging a huge, fiberglass board around — which might account for the Wavestorm’s cult popularity. The low price point and light design make it even easier to hang ten wherever you go.