Bill Murray and President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.
Credit: The White House

With only a few weeks left until he leaves office, Obama is soaking up every last minute of presidential fun possible. And when you’re president, it’s only natural that you would want to spend your last weeks hanging out with every cool American you can.

First on this list? Bill Murray. Obviously.

Bill “American Treasure” Murray showed up at the White House for a round of golf with Obama and to promote the Affordable Care Act.

“Generally I don’t let Cubs fans in the Oval Office,” Obama joked when Murray appeared wearing a jacket supporting his hometown team.

The two then engaged in some friendly trash talk while teeing off, with some of the hardest jabs coming from the actor. Murray managed to sink all of his putts into the glass cup that acted as the hole. He then started rummaging through the office, looking for his deserved prize money for beating the president.

“Stay out of those drawers and don’t press any of those buttons,” Obama warned Murray.