Anglesea golf course
Credit: Getty Images

There’s a golf course in Australia that has some rather interesting caddies wandering the grounds.

At Anglesea Golf Course, not far from Melbourne, not only can you get a nice round of 18 holes in for a great price, you can also get up close and personal to kangaroos while you do it.

Anglesea is home to over 300 Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and the golf course likes to encourage a “peaceful coexistence,” according to Mother Nature Network. Golfers are told to be careful when playing and driving through the range so as not to disturb or harm the wildlife. Of course, that doesn’t stop kangaroos from bravely bounding out in front of people. A roo’s gonna do what a roo’s gonna do.

According to Mother Nature Network, Anglesea isn’t the only fairway in Australia where you’ll see mobs of marsupials. Since kangaroos especially love to eat grass and like to live in places with lots of trees, golf courses can be quite habitable for the animals. Even if, maybe, they sometimes have to dodge golf balls. Sanctuary Point Country Club is another golf course in Australia where you can see large groups of roos, according to Mashable.

It’s important to note that although kangaroos are very social and sometimes friendly creatures, they can be aggressive when they feel they are being threatened, especially when food is involved.

According to the Anglesea Golf Course website, post-graduate students from Melbourne University’s Zoology department have been conducting research on the resident kangaroos since 2004. Each animal is marked, and the students monitor the life cycles and birth rates.

Rather than leave guests to their own devices, Anglesea Golf Course arranges for kangaroo tours of the grounds in which a tour guide takes guests to all the best kangaroo hang out spots on the course. Tours cost $8.50 USD for adults and $3.50 USD for kids.

But besides the kangaroos, Anglesea Golf Course is an excellent place for golf enthusiasts to get their 18 holes in, and it also features a miniature golf course and a restaurant.