By Melissa Locker
April 25, 2016
Getty Images

Next time you’re in Shanghai, skip the skyscraper selfie and head straight to the mall. The Printemps Department Store in the Pudong district just opened its five-story, 177-foot long “Happy Slide” and it looks both incredible and slightly terrifying.

The slide reportedly whisks shoppers from the fifth floor to the ground in just 16 seconds. People’s Daily, China tweeted out a video of the slide in action and it looks hair-raising, but very efficient.

The slide is currently accessible only by VIP customers, but mall officials say it will be open to anyone between the ages of 7 and 50 soon. That being said, at least one slide-riding thrill seeker doesn’t think the ride is suitable for small children. "I was really scared, because during those bends my hands felt numb. And then I came down; and more than that, I was scared, so how would children feel? Maybe some children who are quite curious and would like to try it or something, but I'd suggest it would be best not to let them,” slider Liu Le told Yibada.

While the slide was originally supposed to open on February 22, the mall management wanted to run some additional safety testing, according to Shanghaiist. It was a good PR move, considering there has been a lot of public speculation that the super-fast slide could result in injury or worse. Now that the slide has passed its inspections, it just might be safer—and certainly more fun—than taking the escalator.

If you can’t make it to Shanghai, but still want to kick your sliding up a knotch, Los Angeles’s U.S. Bank Tower is installing a glass slide some 1,000 feet above the street and Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas will feature the tallest dry slide to ever sail the seas.