If you don't know the password, you'll have to perform a special clearance test.


Here’s the perfect place to get your martini shaken, not stirred.

Safehouse Chicago, the second location to Milwaukee’s iconic 50-year-old bar and restaurant is dedicated to everything spy-related such as classics like James Bond and Get Smart.

However, there is one unique catch: the entrance for the restaurant is slightly hidden, marked only by a small plaque next to a nondescript red door. According to the website, you need a password to get in, which you can probably get from anyone who’s been there before.

Of course, if you don’t have a password, you just complete a “clearance test” to prove you’re a friendly agent. It’s very unlikely you’ll get turned away, thankfully. Once cleared for entrance, guests climb over and under lasers before entering the bar and dining area.

The restaurant and bar serves up elevated but familiar bar food staples with a certain level of kitsch. The menus are full of references and Easter eggs to classic movies, novels and TV shows celebrating the world of espionage.

For example, you can order some Fried C4 Cheese Curds and a Double Agent Burger (that’s double patties). Or you can saddle up to the bar and order Bond’s drink of choice, the Vesper Martini -- and you know they’ll make it exactly to 007’s specifications.

Nightlife is a given for a place like Safehouse with its full restaurant and bar, a lounge and dance floor. However, the restaurant is also family friendly, at least during the day. Kids can enjoy their own spy-themed food on the restaurant’s kid’s menu and there are tons of “secret passageways” for kids to explore.

And when you’re done partying and eating, you can also explore the Safehouse’s next door escape room, EscapeHouse. Much like any other escape room attractions, your goal in the EscapeHouse is to escape the room, but with a cool spy-themed twist.

Special agent foodies, you now have your mission. This article will self destruct.