This will get your heart racing.
Tourists attempting the Canyon Swing at Shotover River, in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand, on Jan. 13, 2011. Photo by Lisa Wiltse (Photo by Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images)
| Credit: Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images

If you’ve been looking for a summer destination that will give you an adrenaline rush, there’s a perfect spot in Queenstown, New Zealand, that will do the trick.

Shotover Canyon Swing and Fox is a cliffside attraction that thrill seekers ages 10 and above can enjoy.

The two attractions, the Canyon Swing and the Canyon Fox, launch riders 200 feet into the air and 650 feet across the Shotover River.

Fair warning: Neither experience is for the faint of heart. The Canyon Swing, which starts with a 357-foot jump and ends with a 196-foot freefall, swings riders on a single line attached across the river.

The Canyon Fox, however, works more like a slingshot — for people who are more adventurous. The system of cables launches riders from a ramp that’s just under 600 feet high, riders then experience a 16-foot drop, ride across the canyon, and return home for a total ride of of almost 1,500 feet.

Shotover Canyon Swing and Canyon Fox New Zealand
Credit: Joshua Moore/Courtesy of Shotover Canyon Swing and Canyon Fox

The website describes the Fox as “a contraption aimed at encouraging a stream of the most profoundly unsavoury foul language of any adventure activity in the land.”

It not only sounds like a thrilling journey, it’s also a great way to see some of New Zealand’s incredible landscape.

Prices for the rides are $229 for the Canyon Swing, and $165 for the Canyon Fox, or riders who choose to do both can book a combo for $299.