The maze features 50 different types of sunflowers.

A garden maze full of various sunflower types on a hazy day
Credit: Courtesy of Woodstock Inn & Resort

The Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont wants everyone to come and experience what “flower power” is really all about.

Benjamin Pauly, the adorable inn’s master gardener, once again created a massive floral experience for guests to come and enjoy. This time, he’s made a 10,000-square-foot sunflower house, which the hotel noted, perfectly encapsulates his passion for gardening, and blends in his skillset learned via his degree in architecture and landscape design. (Beyond his flower-growing abilities, Pauly is also lovingly referred to as the “Tomato Whisperer.” Each season he grows 57 types of tomatoes on the property for guests to enjoy. He even created a Gourdwalk exhibit measuring in at 135 feet long and nine feet high that anyone can go take a walk through.)

Aerial view of garden maze in Vermont
Credit: Courtesy of Woodstock Inn & Resort
Someone tending harden of sunflowers and pumpkins in Vermont
Credit: Courtesy of Woodstock Inn & Resort

This year’s floral design, the hotel explained, is a one-way flow that allows guests to enjoy the great outdoors while also maintaining a safe social distance from other groups. The gorgeous yellow garden is made up of thousands of blooming sunflowers, which were planted in a “maze-like structure” to form various rooms and hallways that guests can explore.

In the maze, the hotel explained, “visitors can walk, weave and wander through 50 different varieties of the bright, yellow flower ranging in height from 18 inches to a towering 14 feet.”

The must-see (and incredibly Instagram-worthy) maze is located at the Billings Farm & Museum, which sits just a few minutes away from the Woodstock Inn. Beyond the sunflower labyrinth, the museum is also a fully operational dairy farm and offers educational exhibits, interactive programs, and even more outdoor areas to see. Visitors, the museum added in the statement, are more than welcome to pack a picnic and stay for the day.

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