The beautiful pool is part of a waterfront park in Bergen, Norway called True Blue.

By Andrea Romano
July 14, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of White Arkitekter

A new beach park in Bergen will have you planning a trip to Norway very soon.

According to Dezeen, a floating pool in Bergen, Norway is just one of the stunning features being built as part of a new, urban waterfront park called True Blue.

Credit: Courtesy of White Arkitekter

True Blue is a development project to refurbish Bergen’s coastline, according to Dezeen. The pool itself was designed with Fredrik Pettersson Arkitekter from the Swedish architecture firm White Arkitekter, and will consist of triangular structures that form three pools. The structures will also house a sauna, picnic areas, and kayak rental facilities, according to Dezeen. Their unique construction also makes the pool look a bit like a starfish.

Credit: Courtesy of White Arkitekter

“The sea pool, floating, in view of the urban beach, is in reality, a multifunctional platform that can be used as a stage, transforming the beach and plazas to stands for large audiences,” said White Arkitekter's lead architect Niels de Bruin in a statement to Dezeen. “Linking the triangulated forms together also makes a starfish pattern. The triangle-shaped silhouettes of the surrounding mountains become part of this three-dimensional landscape.”

Credit: Courtesy of White Arkitekter

In addition to the floating pool, True Blue will have multiple meeting spaces, a beach, sports fields, and a 1,500-meter (just under 5,000 feet) long sea wall to protect visitors in all areas of the park from the sometimes unforgiving Norwegian coastal climate.

“True Blue is our way to express the love story between the city of Bergen and water in all its forms: the mist, the rain, the running streams and the waiting sea,” de Bruin said to Dezeen. “The space between the wall and the sea, a series of lush hills, meadows and wetlands, become a place to experience water, the wild and dangerous water as well as the soft and soothing one.”

Credit: Courtesy of White Arkitekter

The park is meant to connect the bustling city area to a calmer, more meadow-like environment for visitors to relax and play as they wish.

The architecture firm believes the success of True Blue could lead to more sea pools being built throughout Scandinavia (or perhaps even beyond), according to Dezeen. The park itself is expected to be completed by 2023.