Trinity College Dublin Is Transforming Its Lawn Into a Field of Wildflowers

The school's iconic Front Gate will soon look a little more colorful.

Trinity College, Dublin City, Ireland on a spring day
Photo: David Soanes/Getty Images

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland made a move to be a little more green in the future.

The college tweeted on July 30 that it is replacing its formerly manicured lawn into a wildflower meadow after a vote of over 12,496 staff, faculty, and students in favor (90 percent of overall voters) of the decision.

The change is in an effort for the college to be more sustainable and promote biodiversity, according to Matador Network. A wildflower meadow would require less water and upkeep than a clean and manicured lawn, since it doesn’t need mowing or frequent watering. The natural space will also help populations of pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.

The new turf will sprout a number of beautiful flowers that will bloom annually and seasonally. Most of the flowers are also native to Ireland, according to Matador Network. The new turf was laid outside the college near its iconic Front Gate.

“The meadows will flower from spring to autumn and be left untouched over the winter months when pollinating insects, such as butterflies, hoverflies and bees, are not active,” said professor John Parnell, the chair of Trinity’s grounds and gardens committee, to Matador Network. “Front Gate may look a little less tidy than it once did but will be more colourful and serve as a constant reminder of what nature looks like while underlining the increasingly important role we all have in protecting our environment.”

Natural, green spaces are, of course, beneficial to the environment, but they can also benefit people in unexpected ways. Many mental health experts have noted that spending just 20 minutes in a natural space can help boost your mood and reduce stress hormones. Now, students can enjoy a gorgeous piece of nature while they’re studying for their courses and walking to class.

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