Credit: Johanna Silver

You know about the two yoga rooms and the Napa Farms Market in Terminal 2. You might even know that the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) doesn’t just feature cool art exhibits, it’s actually a fully accredited museum, employing its very own curator. But I’ll bet you didn’t know about the secret gardens. They’re inexplicably missing from SFO’s website.

Credit: Linda Lamb Peters

As part of an ongoing poll on how to improve employee life, SFO management got a suggestion: Make a place for workers to take a break and eat a meal outside. So in 2011, five parking spots were cleared to create The Garden Patio.

Credit: Linda Lamb Peters

Led by the jovial Jimmy Brassil, the 15-person garden crew designed and installed a stunning garden—a model of drought-tolerant, architectural landscaping, featuring cactus, succulents, Australian shrubs, and California natives. This is a hidden gem if I’ve ever seen one.

Credit: Linda Lamb Peters

The project was a win-win for the airport: The gardeners got to show off their talents, and the employees now have a spot to hang.

Credit: Linda Lamb Peters

This garden is open to the public 24/7! Exit the arrivals level of Terminal 1. and head left around the animal relief area. Bam. Garden.

Credit: Linda Lamb Peters

This story originally appeared on Sunset.