Take a mindful stroll though Cherry Point Farm & Market.


This family-owned Michigan flower farm wants you to come and find your center.

For years, the Cherry Point Farm & Market in Oceana County, Michigan has invited flower lovers to explore its stunning lavender display in total peace.

Though the farm grows a variety of fruits and vegetables (along with delicious homemade treats like pies and jams) its lavender field is top-notch. That’s because the owners of the farm take it way further than simply laying out their crops in basic line formation. Instead, they grow their lavender in a gorgeous labyrinth pattern that leads guests directly to the center.

The one thing the owners want to make extremely clear is it’s not a maze meant to puzzle you, but rather a place to simply get lost in.

Cherry Point Farm & Market in Shelby, Michigan
Credit: Courtesy of Cherry Point Farm & Market

“There’s a big difference between a maze and a labyrinth,” Barbara Bull, the owner of Cherry Point Farm & Market, shared with Better Homes & Garden. “A maze is a puzzle, it’s a form of entertainment, where a labyrinth is this wonderful, thoughtful, contemplative, meditative walk.”

As Bull noted, a walk in the farm’s labyrinth takes most guests around an hour to complete and totals about two miles in length.

However, she added, “Everybody enters the labyrinth in their own mental space,” meaning there’s no right or wrong way to experience it or right amount of time to take. It’s totally up to you.

Cherry Point Farm & Market in Shelby, Michigan
Credit: Courtesy of Cherry Point Farm & Market

This year’s garden may look just a bit smaller to those who have previously visited. That’s because the lavender sadly died during the polar vortex of 2019. But don’t worry, it’s on the mend, and guests can come back over the next few years to watch the seedlings grow big and strong.

But, don’t end your tour just at the lovely lavender. Keep going to visit the farm’s massive herb garden as well, which is made up of 12 interlocking circles, containing dozens of different herbs. And, what is perhaps most amazing, is that Bull never harvests these herbs. Instead, she explained, “We want it to be there as an exemplary exhibition garden.”

Want to experience it yourself? You can. For free. But, maybe buy a homemade strudel before you go to support this lovely work.