Dutch Farmers Are Writing Special Messages in Their Tulips (Video)

These tulip fields want you to #staystrong.

The tulip farmers in the Netherlands want you to know they are already thinking ahead to your 2021 visit.

Dutch Tulip Field with "Stay Strong" Message
WILBERT BIJZITTER / Contributor / Getty Images

Each year, visitors descend onto Dutch tulip farms to experience a little slice of vacation heaven, taking copious amounts of photos to share on social media along the way. But, this year, farms have shuttered their doors to visitors due to the coronavirus. However, that isn’t stopping local farmers from sharing a message with their visitors. And it’s a message so big you have to view it from the sky.

“Due to Covid-19, travel plans have changed,” Dutch Daffodils and the blog Tulips in Holland shared in a Facebook post. “Many of you were planning to travel to The Netherlands to see the flower fields in bloom. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible this year. And many of you won’t see the flower field in full bloom.”

But, rather than sit by and let the season pass without notice, the Dutch Daffodils family and the Tulips in Holland family teamed up to create a special scene for all the people who had planned to travel. “You may miss The Netherlands, but we miss you too,” the families wrote. “This Sunday we spent with our families in the flower field to create something special for you. We headed the tulips a bit earlier to write this message. From our families to yours! We hope that this brightens your day a bit and we hope to see you next year!”

And, as clear as day, that message written in flowers reads, “see you next year.”

But, this isn’t the only tulip farm showing its visitors a little social distancing love.

According to MSN, two tulip growers in Noordoostpolder, Joris Schouten and Frank Timmerman, have named a new variant of tulip “Stay Strong” in honor of all the healthcare workers currently saving lives around the world. The grower even wrote a special message in the fields reading “#staystrong.”

According to the tulip growers, sales of the new flower will benefit Doctors Without Borders. The bulbs and flowers can be pre-ordered here.

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