By Andrea Romano
May 09, 2019
Goat in Brooklyn
Credit: Getty Images

Goats aren’t just good yoga buddies, they can also be great for the environment.

According to Gothamist, a herd of goats is being deployed to help clear unwanted and invasive plant life between 119th and 125th streets in New York City's Riverside Park. Goats are kind of like natural lawn mowers, as they can eat many different, sometimes irritating plants without using pesticides or damaging equipment.

Plus, the goats get to eat all they want all day, every day.

The Riverside Park Conservancy calls the initiative Goathem (because they put the “goat in Gotham”). The goats will mainly be used to mow down plants that could be harmful to the ecosystem, including Porcelain Berry, Wineberry, Bittersweet, Multiflora Rose and Poison Ivy.

The organization is using goats for this specific area due to its steep terrain, which can prove hazardous to human volunteers but is no big deal to a goat. The area that they are grazing in is also fenced, so we don’t have to fear a goat takeover in the city.

“Riverside Park’s goats will be like a new herd of full-time professional weeding staff. They are able to traverse difficult, hard-to-reach places, and can also gulp down poison ivy without a second thought,” it says on the Riverside Park Conservancy website.

The organization hopes that the goats will either weaken or completely eliminate these harmful plant populations by the end of the summer since the ravenous farm animals munch on plants all the way down to the root.

The goats will be grazing daily between May 21 and August 30. To find more updates on the goats or to donate to the Riverside Park Conservancy, visit the organization’s website.