Here's how to nominate an area for consideration.


Colorado is looking for its 43rd state park –– and you might be able to help.

According to a statement from Colorado Park and Wildlife (CPW), the state is asking the public to help them find land for its next park. In order to submit an area for consideration, citizens must fill out a form on the online portal.

“Colorado’s remarkable landscapes are drawing more and more people to the outdoors. Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to provide more opportunities to enjoy our natural resources by exploring sites for future state parks,” it reads on the CPW website.

As much as you might like to designate your backyard as a state park, not every bit of land is suitable for the task. Areas put up for consideration must meet certain criteria, which is laid out on the CPW website.

Dallas Divide in Colorado
Credit: Pete Lomchid/Getty

First, the area should provide “outstanding nature-based recreation,” which is accessible to anyone regardless of age, abilities, or interests. Next, the area must be able to conserve natural resources, provide community value, and be both financially and environmentally sustainable. 

Lastly, the area should “meet Colorado’s needs,” which means it must be relatively close and accessible to population centers and have some demand for visitation. It should also “offer a range of amenities and experiences, and provide for evolving outdoor recreation interests,” according to the website. It also has to be adaptable to societal changes, the environment, and technology.

Even though a third of the state is already managed by the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and National Park Service, according to Matador Network, there are still some areas that seem ripe to be developed for another state park.

For more information, visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. And if you have an idea for the perfect park spot, fill out the online form.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.