The Olympic rings in Rio de Janeiro.
Credit: Jewel Samad/Getty Images

The Olympics start Friday, and if the event hasn’t already taken over your media it soon will.

Google is getting in on the action with extensive guides, schedules, live coverage and—in an effort to take viewers beyond the Olympics village—virtual reality tours of Rio de Janeiro.

Google users will be able to quickly see the official Olympic schedule of events. The search engine will also display medal counts and athlete information on the first page of searches. And Google will broadcast live, 360-degree coverage of the events.

For all Olympics fans who did not make it to Rio, Google is offering 360-degree VR tours of the city. The new tours will take virtual visitors on motorcycle rides, into the famed cable cars and deep into the worlds of some real Rio residents, especially those who live in the city’s Favelas.

Favelas have a bad reputation, but Google’s interactive experience aims to take people beyond the headlines and offer a look at everyday life where one in five of the city’s residents live.

The favelas are a big part of Rio culture, but only .001 percent of the area previously appeared on Google Maps. In the past two years, Google took on a massive project to give set addresses and locations to the residents of the favelas.

Google Arts & Culture also partnered with eight of the city’s cultural institutions, including the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, to provide a big-picture education of Rio’s singular culture. The site also introduces people to Rio’s rich musical and visual arts heritage.

Users can dive in now and get a taste of Brazilian culture before the country presents itself to the world at the opening ceremony on Friday.