Warner Bros.' Famous Studio Tour Just Reopened With New 'Friends' Experiences

Now Friends fans can eat Rachel's infamous trifle, sip character-themed coffee, and shop exclusive merchandise on the Warner Bros.' Studio Tour.

Now you can get a true taste of Friends at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. The fan experience — which takes place on the actual working Warner Bros. lot in Burbank where the NBC sitcom was originally shot — reopened on Saturday, debuting an expanded Central Perk Café and Friends boutique.

A view of Central Perk at Stage 48 during the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Grand Re-Opening at Warner Bros. Studios on June 24, 2021 in Burbank, California.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

As part of the "Stage 48: Script to Screen" stop on the tour, visitors can now dine on Friends-inspired items, including the infamous English trifle that Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel Green, made for Thanksgiving. Yes, the one where she accidentally blended a traditional trifle with a shepherd's pie after her cookbook pages got stuck together. (Don't worry, the version served here doesn't have any meat mixed up with the sweet and savory flavors.)

Interior of Monicas apartment in the "Friends" Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Also on the menu are Central Perk's own cupcakes, New York-style cheesecake (unlike when Rachel and Chandler had to scoop the one from Mama's Little Bakery off the floor, you can eat this off a plate!), and NYC deli favorites like corned beef melts and pizza wedges. There's also a line of drinks inspired by the characters, made with a Central Perk special blend — choose from a matcha latte called The Rachel, a classic flat white called The Ross, a caramel coconut latte called The Chandler, a cookies-and-cream ice blend called The Phoebe, and a mango cold brew tea called The Joey.

Interior of Central Perk at the "Friends" Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

All the items can be enjoyed on recreated sets featuring Central Perk, Joey and Chandler's apartment, Monica's apartment, and Greenwich Village. Costumes from the show are also on display. Then cap off the experience by shopping at the Friends boutique with exclusive products not available anywhere else, including kitchen and dining ware.

Interior of the "Friends" Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Friends fans can currently only access the tour and experiences on weekends, but it will expand to five days a week (Thursday through Monday) starting July 15.

The tour also includes other new and expanded features within the Warner Bros. family of entertainment, like a "Storytelling Showcase" documenting the almost-century of Warner Bros. and an "Action and Magic Made Here" exhibit with elements of the DC Universe and Harry Potter films.

Sheldon's apartment from The Big Bang Theory, a Batmobile from Tim Burton's original "Batman," costumes from "Suicide Squad," Harry Potter's recreated cupboard under the stairs, and the late Chadwick Boseman's jersey from "42" are also seen on the tour.

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