Neon Cowgirl 'Vegas Vickie' Is Officially Retired From the Las Vegas Skyline

She leaves behind her "husband," Vegas Vic.

Vegas Vicki
Photo: Harald Sund/Getty Images

If you’re traveling down the Las Vegas Strip any time soon, you might notice it's missing a familiar face.

The famous neon sign of a cowgirl known as "Vegas Vickie" dressed in a white, fringed outfit was officially taken down on Tuesday as part of a construction projected for a new casino-resort.

Since 1980, Vickie has reigned over Fremont Street, kicking one leg in the air as an advertisement for the Glitter Gulch strip club. She was originally named “Sassy Sally,” after the casino that first stood in that spot.

On the other side of the street stands “Vegas Vic,” a neon cowboy sign. Vic and Vickie were famously “married” in a ceremony in 1994 during the Fremont Street Experience. Poor Vic is going to be pretty lonely without his neon bride.

Vegas Vicki Sassy Sally Glitter Gulch
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According to the Associated Press, casino owner Derek Stevens says his company is looking for a home for Vickie. Stevens’ company is planning to totally transform the space that was previously occupied by the famous Las Vegas strip club.

Until then, Vickie will just be on a little vacation. It’ll give her a chance to give those legs a rest.

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