The Jurassic era is alive and well in the Utah desert.

By Jess McHugh
October 01, 2016
Utah dinosaur park
Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

Dinosaur aficionados looking for a new thrill can check out the Moab Giants park in Utah, which celebrated its official grand opening in September.

The 60-acre park features a half-mile-long outdoor dinosaur trail, where visitors can check out more than 100 life-sized dinosaur renderings.

Inside, there are also two 3D theaters, a dinosaur tracks museum, as well as a virtual reality experience in the paleoaquarium.

Utah's dry and sandy climate has allowed paleontologists to more easily uncover the traces of long-extinct animals.

And the park isn't far from four other dinosaur museums in the region, for those looking to spend a day immersed in the Jurassic period.

“We're right in the middle of the dinosaur diamond,” Martin Lockley, paleontologist and one of the founders of the museum, told Travel + Leisure.

The striking landscapes of the eastern Utah rock formations highlight the grandeur of the dinosaurs that once roamed the land.

“Without a doubt dinosaurs are perennially popular, and there is this sort of mystique about the Wild West frontier,” Lockley said.

Tickets from the museum are $12-22.