By Erika Owen
February 05, 2016
Creator and Photogrpaher: Jason deCaires Taylor

The ocean has a lot of secrets—that's no surprise to anyone. Here's another one to add to the list: there's a new underwater museum just off the coast of Lanzarote (the easternmost of the Canary Islands) that's home to 35 sculptures. The catch: You can only see the Atlantic Museum's artwork if you dive fifteen meters underneath the surface.

Creator and Photogrpaher: Jason deCaires Taylor

The statues—which you can find attached to the seabed in the bay of Las Coloradas—are the handiwork of British artist Jason deCaires Taylor and represent various locals in the area. But they're much more than a non-traditional attraction. Each statue was created to help create a safe breeding area for native species. On that note, all of the statues have been made of environmentally conscience concrete. This isn't Taylor's first underwater project—he's actually quite well known for his submerged artwork. He's previously exhibited installations off the coast of Mexico and the island of Grenada.

The museum plans to eventually expand to house 300 exhibits, all nestled into several seabed arrangements. Want to know more? Check out the Atlantic Museum Facebook page.

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