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The IK LAB Gallery at Azulik resort, in Tulum, Mexico
Credit: Courtesy of Fernando Artigas/IK LAB

The word “disruptive” gets thrown around a lot in the art world these days, but IK Lab, a new contemporary art gallery in Tulum, is truly worthy of the descriptor.

The brainchild of Peggy Guggenheim’s great-grandson, Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, the groundbreaking arts and cultural space resembles a high-design treehouse — all curved walls, undulating vine floors, a slatted timber roof, and round windows that look out onto the surrounding tree canopy.

After entering through a 13-foot-high circular glass door, visitors are asked to remove their shoes so as to fully experience the varying, natural textures of the space.

Interior view of the IK LAB gallery in Tulum
Credit: Courtesy of Fernando Artigas/IK LAB

Designed by Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel, the seaside gallery is located on the site of Tulum’s eco-friendly Azulik Resort, also designed by the Sterkel. The gallery embraces the same environmentally-friendly ethos as the rustic resort, and is propped up on stilts to allow the wildlife to pass underneath.

The inaugural exhibition, “Alignments,” which runs through September, brings together the suspended sculptures of Artur Lescher, the pendulum-like forms of Tatiana Trouve, and the otherworldly rock and metal shapes of Margo Trushina.