This Awe-inspiring Art Installation in NYC Is Like Stepping Into Another Dimension

Superreal NYC at Cipriani Downtown
Photo: Courtesy of Moment Factory

This winter, the artists from Moment Factory are inviting people everywhere to escape the daily grind and step into the surreal. Luckily for everyone, the portal to this other world is conveniently located in New York City.

Now through Jan. 9, visitors to the city can explore the high-tech art installation known as SuperReal, which bills itself as a “series of visual spectacles housed within the historic location that is Cipriani 25 Broadway.”

Superreal NYC at Cipriani Downtown
Courtesy of Moment Factory

The entire 12,000-square-foot Grand Hall inside the building has been taken over by the visual spectacle that promises to immerse guests in cutting-edge art and technology, blurring “the boundaries between real and virtual.”

“It’s not about showcasing the technology, it’s about hiding it,” Moment Factory director and producer Jamie Reilly told Forbes. “So that it seems seamless and it looks magical.”

To cover the space in digital art, Reilly explained to Forbes, the artists used projection mapping to first scan the building’s interior to understand all its shapes. Then, it created the video to hug every curve instead of just projecting on top of it.

“[The video] doesn’t lie flat when you’re projecting on the walls,” Reilly added. “That’s why it looks so real. We’re using every shape, form, and line to create something customized to the space.”

Superreal NYC at Cipriani Downtown
Courtesy of Moment Factory

The entire exhibit takes 45 minutes to experience. Guests make their way through several rooms, including three smaller areas like the “stars” room, which is filled with lights and lasers to make someone feel like they were just transported to another galaxy. There are even a few interactive elements in the space for those who want to touch, see, and feel the SuperReal.

The stunning — and highly Instagrammable — exhibit is open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closes an hour earlier on Sundays). Tickets are $28 for adults and $18 for kids. Just make sure you’re ready to re-enter the real world when you’re done.

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