By Stacey Leasca
January 08, 2019
Figurines at the Museum of the Dog
Credit: David Woo, AKC

Sure, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Natural History are all excellent curators of history and art in New York City. But, there’s a new exhibit in town that really has tails wagging.

On Friday, Feb. 8, the American Kennel Club will officially re-open its doors for the Museum of the Dog in New York City at its new location just steps away from Grand Central Station.

What will canine fans find there? According to a press release, the museum will be filled with the world's largest collections of canine fine art.

Movie Posters at the Museum of the Dog
Credit: Courtesy of AKC Museum of the Dog

“It is exciting to bring this collection back to New York City," Alan Fausel, Executive Director, AKC Museum of the Dog, shared in a statement. "This Museum is a beautiful ode to man's best friend and we are thrilled to bring these pieces and exhibitions to new audiences."

Inside the museum visitors will find works by Sir Edwin Landseer, Maud Earl, Arthur Wardle and more. But, it’s not just paintings. As the museum explained, it will also be home to rare porcelains and bronzes along with a library filled with information visitors can peruse to learn more about their favorite dog breeds. Its first exhibit is titled, "For the Love of All Things Dog.”

Opening of the Museum of the Dog
Credit: David Woo, AKC

But, don’t get it twisted, this museum is a thoroughly modern one as well. Inside the two-story museum, guests will also be able to take part in fun activities such as "Find Your Match," where they enter a photo booth that takes their photo and matches them with their lookalike AKC-registered dog breed.

For children, the museum will also launch a new app where kids (and kids at heart) can interact with exhibits and a virtual tour guide dog named “Arty.” But, if you’re looking for the real deal, we’re sorry to say no dogs will be allowed. However, if you’re feeling inspired after your visit you could always go and adopt a new best friend.