The Neon Museum's Virtual Tour Will Light Up Your Living Room Like It's the Las Vegas Strip (Video)

You don't have to go to Vegas to experience this glitz and glamour.

We could all use a bit of Vegas-style glitz and glamour in our lives.

Unfortunately, since many people are in self-quarantine or socially distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s hard to feel like you’re living the high life. That’s why The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is giving you a taste of the Strip from home.

Much like other museums giving virtual tours, The Neon Museum is engaging audiences by allowing them the learn about some of the most famous neon signs in Las Vegas history on its web-based app, YouTube channel, social media, blog, and e-newsletter.

The Neon Museum now has a free app that you can access from your computer (no smartphone required). The virtual tour explores the history of certain iconic signs from the Las Vegas Strip, which are now held in the museum’s outdoor exhibition space, The Boneyard. This space is reserved for older, defunct, or out-of-service signs from all kinds of casinos and businesses, including the Hard Rock Café, the Golden Nugget, Sassy Sally’s, the Stardust, and the Riviera, among others.

The tour is set up sort of like a slideshow with text and audio narration about each sign. A total of 25 signs are curated in this online tour, plus some key pieces from the exhibition Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum.

On YouTube, however, you can also find video content, including pieces from Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum and “Strings Of Neon,” the Hard Rock Café Guitar restoration documentary. And for fresh, daily content, anyone can follow The Neon Museum on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or search and use the hashtag #NeonMuseumFromHome.

The museum is also posting updates and articles on its blog and e-newsletter, which you can sign up for online. For more information about The Neon Museum, visit the museum’s website.

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