NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Is Aiming to Reopen in August (Video)

Like many museums around the world, the MET is figuring out how to keep future guests safe and healthy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is hoping to open sooner than you think.

In March, the famed New York City museum shuttered its doors to guests, much like the rest of the world, to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, the museum has announced it plans to reopen its doors to the public by mid-August.

In a statement provided to New York 1, officials at the Met said they plan to open by mid-August or "perhaps a few weeks later" in an effort to help bring back a bit of normalcy.

According to the statement, the museum’s hours and opening days will likely be reduced to begin with. This will assist officials in understanding exactly what needs to happen to keep guests safe.

Upon opening, the museum will also forgo having any host talks, tours, events, or concerts through the end of 2020. The museum officials did not go into detail about how it plans to enforce new rules such as compulsory masks or social distancing.

Metal gate outside of closed Metropolitan Museum of Art
Noam Galai/Getty Images

“The Met has endured much in its 150 years, and today continues as a beacon of hope for the future," Daniel Weiss, the museum’s president, shared in the statement. "This museum is also a profound reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the power of art to offer comfort, inspiration, and community. As we endure these challenging and uncertain times, we are encouraged by looking forward to the day when we can once again welcome all to enjoy The Met’s collection and exhibitions."

But, as we wait out the museum’s opening there is at least one way to enjoy the exhibits, and that’s with the Met’s in-depth virtual programming.

Claire Lanier, the Metropolitan Museum in New York’s social media manager, shared with The Art Newspaper, the museum has gained more than 200,000 social media subscribers since lockdown began.

“There's been a big increase in terms of engagement,” Lanier said. “In the first two weeks of lockdown, we saw engagement go up by 95 percent on Instagram, by 64 percent on Twitter and by 17 percent on Facebook. Also of note, in the past nine weeks, impressions on Twitter have increased by 71.2 percent, and on Instagram by almost 50 percent.”

This is likely thanks to its excellent digital programming, such as free drawing classes offered on Facebook live, as well as posting its most zen imagery to Instagram, and even offering virtual tours. Try these virtual offerings now, that way when the museum opens you’ll be fully prepared to see the real deal in person.

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