By Lindsey Campbell
October 12, 2016
Getty Images/Canopy

If you got through your college years living on instant noodle soup, or if you have a soft spot for single-subject pop-culture exhibitions, consider hitting up Osaka, Japan’s Cup Noodles Museum.

We already know there are some folks who take their ramen very seriously—some even aspire to bathe in it—but this museum brings adoration to the next level. The walls are decorated with Cup Noodles iconography. There are designated slurping spots.

Fans can make CupNoodles from scratch—mixing and matching their own favor concoction—to learn about the creative thinking of Momofuku Ando, the founder of the first instant ramen. Visitors can also view recipes from years past, tour Momofuku's original work shed, and let little ones explore CupNoodles Park, where they can enjoy life of ramen from “ a noodle’s point of view."