This Is the Most Popular Building in the World, According to Google Searches

It's a modern-day architectural marvel.

Exterior night view of the Burj Khalifa world's tallest skyscraper at 828 m (2,717 ft) in Dubai
Photo: Victor Fraile/Corbis via Getty Images

Architectural landmarks have always fascinated people. Structures such as La Sagrada Família in Barcelona or the Empire State Building in New York City are just as famous as the cities they are located in, drawing millions of visitors each year, eager to witness their grandiosity in person. But, according to a new report by, Dubai's Burj Khalifa piques people's curiosity the most as the imposing structure is the most Googled architectural design in the world. The building is searched more than 1.5 million times a month on average and is the most popular structure in 71 countries.

The mixed-use skyscraper, which holds several world records, including the tallest building and tallest free-standing structure, towers a whopping 2,717 feet over downtown Dubai. The building spans 162 floors and has an observation deck, also the highest in the world, on the 124th floor. Burj Khalifa, inaugurated in 2010, was conceived by award-winning architect Adrian Smith of Chicago-based firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, whose most notable designs include the Windy City's Millennium Park and NBC Tower, Detroit's General Motors Renaissance Center, and New York City's Central Park Tower. While Burj Khalifa is a marvel of engineering and human ingenuity, its signature Y-shaped, tiered design was inspired by the local desert Hymenocallis Spider Lily. Currently, the skyscraper is home to a number of businesses, including the Armani Hotel Dubai and Armani Residences, At.Mosphere — the world's tallest restaurant located on the 122nd floor, and The Lounge Burj Khalifa, sitting 1,919 feet above ground.

Second on's list is the Eiffel Tower — it is the most Googled architectural design in 29 countries. Paris's landmark was built for the city's 1889 Universal Exposition and has since become its symbol and one of its most visited sights.

And finally, India's Taj Mahal takes the third spot. The building took almost 20 years to complete and was conceived as a mausoleum for Emperor Shah Jahan's wife, who died during childbirth.

You can read the full survey and its findings here.

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