This Is One of the Longest Zip Lines in Hawaii — Taking You Through 2 Miles of Maui Rain Forest

It doesn't get more thrilling than this.

Longest, fastest zipline in Hawaii
Photo: Courtesy of Flyin' Hawaiian Ziplines

Getting the best view in Hawaii requires a little bit of courage.

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline, located on the island of Maui, is here to deliver views and thrills all in one. The zipline course is the longest on the island, providing unmatched views of the North and South shores, including views of the Haleakalā crater, all in one epic course.

According to the zipline company, the course includes eight different lines ranging from a 250-foot line to a 3,600-foot behemoth that will have you soaring through the trees. In total, the lines will take adrenaline-fueled guests on 2.5 miles of fun with views of the Valley Isle all around.

Longest, fastest zipline in Hawaii
Courtesy of Flyin' Hawaiian Ziplines

The fun begins with a quick 4x4 drive through the Waikapu Valley. Guests then get fitted in their harnesses and will receive detailed instructions and a safety overview from their guide. This includes an introductory zip line, which is especially helpful to those heading out for their very first time. Then, when guests feel comfortable, they'll get to zoom through the skies. On the tour, guests zip across nine valleys and 11 unique ridges, catching glimpses of the island's stunning plants and birds (who may be gliding alongside you).

The tour then concludes in Ma'alaea. Guests will hop on an ATV for the ride down the mountain and back to where they started.

Still somehow not sold on the experience? Just check out a few of its more than 1,000 perfect five-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

Longest, fastest zipline in Hawaii
Courtesy of Flyin' Hawaiian Ziplines

"Flyin Hawaiian was a thrilling experience from start to finish. In a little over 3 hours we got to meet several friendly and experienced guides, ATV up and down a mountain, receive a thorough history lesson of the Maui Plantation and island, and zip line over 2 miles," one guest wrote. "The scenery was gorgeous and the guides were beyond helpful. This is a serious recommendation for any outdoor enthusiast, first-timer on Hawaii, or just anyone who wants to spend a few hours enjoying a day on Maui."

"Amazing zip line experience! Super knowledgeable and friendly staff made us feel safe and ensured a great time," another thrill-seeker added. "I am afraid of heights but was able to do this with no problem — staff was very patient and made me feel comfortable. [I] was never rushed."

Learn more about the tour and book your experience here.

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