Hawaii's Longest Suspension Bridge Hovers 1,600 Feet Above the Maui Coastline — and You Can Walk Across It

Hope you're not afraid of heights.

Looking for a thrill? It's time to head to Maui.

The Hawaiian island more than delivers on adrenaline-filled moments, from surfing off its coast to hiking Haleakala volcano all the way to the summit, it's home to something that will excite almost everyone. But, for those who need something just a little bit more to get their mind and body over the adrenaline edge, there's the Kapalua Bridge, Hawaii's longest suspension bridge that towers 1,600 feet above the Maui coastline.

Longest suspension bridge in Hawaii
RayChin.Com/Courtesy of Kapalua Ziplines

"It is the most recent addition to Kapalua Resort's renowned mountain adventure course, a world-class facility that includes many thousands of feet of zip lines," according to Kapalua Ziplines' website. "Spanning 360 feet, Kapalua Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Hawaii."

The bridge provides jaw-dropping views, and you can climb it year-round even in the rainy season, when visitors will see the Kapalua Stream pour off the edge of a cliff into a stunning waterfall. Guests can also look out from the bridge deck to see Molokai and Lanai islands, and if they're really lucky, get a view of "spectacular rainbows above."

Longest suspension bridge in Hawaii
Courtesy of Kapalua Ziplines

Don't worry too much about your safety while you're on the bridge. The resort notes its construction team anticipated high winds over the lifetime of the structure, thus, "the Kapalua Bridge was designed with heavier components and internal sway bracing so that it can withstand hurricane-force winds exceeding 105 mph."

There is, however, one small caveat: You must also take part in the company's zip line tours to gain access to the bridge. And that is an adventure in its own right as you can choose between a four, or six-line zip that will take you across 8,500 feet over three hours. Both the four and six-line courses include an ATV rainforest ride, as well as a walk over the suspension bridge.

Longest suspension bridge in Hawaii
RayChin.Com/Courtesy of Kapalua Ziplines

This is a great activity to do with a partner, family member, or travel companion, because the zip line courses are "dual" courses, which means guests can "soar side-by-side on two miles of zip line cables over a tropical rainforest."

Book your zip line and suspension bridge adventure here.

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