Another record-breaking attraction debuts in China.

World's Longest Sight-seeing Escalator
Credit: Phil Chambers/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Already home to the world’s biggest radio telescope, the world’s highest and longest glass bridge, and soon to the world’s deepest and largest high-speed railway station, China now also boasts the world’s longest sightseeing escalator, which spans 688 meters, or about 2,260 feet.

According to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the escalator at the Enshi Grand Canyon in China’s Hubei province is officially the biggest in the world.

Running every hour, the escalator can carry up to 7,300 visitors through the landscape in just 18 minutes. Officials hope the opening will provides comfort for people who otherwise wouldn't discover the area.

From here visitors can spot waterfalls, caves, villages, rivers, and peaks. It's designed with vines along its sides to help it blend in with its surrounding landscape.

The attraction was opened during the recent week-long National Day holiday, according to the Shanghaiist, and costs 20 yuan (or roughly $3) per person.