No word on whether or not it will lean.

By Jessica Plautz
February 27, 2017
Pisa considering a ferris wheel
Credit: Photo-Illustration: David Kukin // Photos: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pisa, Italy, known for its leaning tower, is adding a Ferris wheel to attract tourists.

Andrea Ferrante, Pisa's culture commissioner, announced details about the wheel on state television, the Associated Press reported. The wheel will be more than 165-feet tall. (The tower is about 183-feet tall.)

Italia Nostra, an organization dedicated to preserving Italy's history, has come out against the ride, saying it will “clash” with Pisa's Medieval architecture, AP reported.

Controversial or not, the attraction is set to rise in a parking lot this summer to test if tourists like it. In addition to getting a bird's eye view of the leaning tower, riders will also be able to see the Mediterranean. Pisa is on Italy's western coast, about an hour's drive from Florence.

Ferris wheels have become popular as tourist attractions in several cities around the world. The London Eye may be the most well-known.