She wanted a $20 tip.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
April 28, 2016
Getty Images

Minnie Mouse is in some big trouble. A woman dressed as the famous Disney character was arrested on Wednesday for harassing tourists in New York City's Times Square for a $20 tip.

Reyna Perez, the woman behind the costume, posed for a picture with a mother and her two children at the famous tourist destination and received a tip, though Perez was not happy with it. After increasing the amount twice, the dissatisfied Minnie demanded more. "I need $20," Minnie said, according to police.

The mother alerted a nearby police officer, who took the mouse into custody and charged her with harassment.

This incident comes after Mayor de Blasio signed a law last week allowing the Department of Transportation to designate rules for pedestrian plazas, like the one found in Times Square. Just hours after the announcement, men dressed as Spiderman and the Batman villain The Penguin were arrested for aggressive panhandling.