The transformation happens every time it snows, too.

By Cailey Rizzo
December 16, 2016
Slawek Staszczuk/Alamy

Jakuba Wejhera was a 17th-century Polish nobleman and military leader. He fought in the Smolensks War, The Deluge, the Russo-Polish War and the Chmielnicki Uprising as a member of Poland’s royal army.

And on May 28, 1643, he founded the town of Wejherowo. For his work, the town erected a statue in his honor.

A Wejhera statue has stood in Wejherowo’s Saint James square, in honor of the town’s founder. But when it snows, the statue magically changes into a statue of Darth Vader.

Earlier this year, the Internet noticed the magical phenomenon and, as the Internet does, turned the statue into a cyber celebrity.

And the town of Wejherowo ran with the idea.

On Thursday, the town held what they called “ForceCon,” a celebration for Star Wars fans in the city. In honor of the day, the Wejhera statue was decked out in full imperial gear. Vader’s helmet, cape and chest plate.

But the fandom did not stop there. A fleet of stormtroopers visited the local children’s hospital paraded through town. Then they all went to the movie theater to see a special screening of Star Wars: Rogue One, complete with lectures and trivia contests afterwards.

Although the Darth Vader costume will not remain permanently, the statue will still make his transformation to the dark side every time it snows.