France, Paris, love locks on a construction fence at the Esplanade du Trocadéro, against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower
Credit: Manfred Gottschalk/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Paris' most famous “Love Locks” may not be on display in their usual form — wrapped around the Pont des Arts bridge — but you could soon put one on permanent display in your home.

Back in December, the French government announced the locks would be auctioned off, and the time has now come.

Starting Saturday, May 13, individual strands of the locks and sections of lock-filled fence will be put on auction, awaiting the highest bidder to take them home. There will be more than 200 lots open for bidding, according to NPR, and the pieces will range from a handful of locks threaded together to entire sections of the bridge weighing upwards of half a ton. Each piece will come with a plaque sharing the lock's original location and they will be mounted on pieces of wood or brick.

All of the money raised from the auction will be donated to charities aiding refugees: Solipam, Emmaus Solidarity, and the Salvation Army. The locks will be on display for three days before the auction begins at the Crédit Municipal de Paris.

Owning a piece of Paris' history doesn't have to be expensive. An appraiser shared with NPR that they expect the smaller strands of locks to start selling at $163. If you're looking to claim an entire section of a love lock fence, expect to shell out between $5,450 and $10,900. These are only estimates, of course; no one can say for sure how much love these locks will bring in.

The locks were removed after a piece of the Pont des Arts railing collapsed in 2014, showing the potential of the locks to endanger the integrity of Paris' bridges.

Want to place a bid of your own? You can view the auction online.